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Our Mission
Our mission is to offer the highest quality type approval support services for RF products globally while operating as a model of best practice in environmental sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Eleos Compliance brings a progressive and sustainable approach to business in the RF compliance sector, delivering an excellent, highly responsive service to our customers and ensuring a balanced and more equitable workplace for our employees while using our success to help bring about positive change globally. Operating with the highest ethical and environmental standards, integrity and sustainability are cornerstone values of our business.
To learn more, please see our 2021 Impact Report
Environmental Sustainability
Corporate Social Responsibility
Eleos is a dynamic, positive and action oriented company, staffed by a team of dedicated and conscientious project managers with a wealth of experience in the type approval / certification sector. All of our team share in the success of our business and are fully motivated to ensure that we do our best for our clients, every time.
Whether you measure us on our responsiveness to your needs, the efficiency of our operation, lead-times to approval or the scope of our offering, we are confident that you will conclude that we offer a truly excellent service.
At both the corporate and personal level, we are committed to continual professional development. With frequent opportunity for staff training to learn new skills, as well as conducting regular post project reviews to monitor the success of our efforts and learn what we can to further improve, both the Eleos team and our service are constantly progressing.
158 Countries Supported
32,241 Acres of Rainforest Protected
3107 Trees Planted
17 Charities Helped
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