ATT Updates Type Approval Guidelines

Bolivia - ATT Updates Type Approval Guidelines
Posted by Admin in Bolivia - 06-NOV-23
The Telecommunications and Transportation Regulation and Supervision Authority (ATT) has issued a new Regulatory Administrative Resolution, ATT-DJ-RAR-TL LP 443/2023, that updates the guidelines for the homologation of telecommunications and information and communication technology (ICT) equipment in Bolivia. In this update, there have been no drastic changes implemented, but there is an expectation of significantly improving efficiency, speeding up the process, and reducing certificate delivery times.

The new resolution replaces the previous guidelines issued in 2013 (ATT-DJ-RA TL 1022/2013) and contains specific instructions for the homologation of equipment such as private and public mobile devices, satellite connections, short-range devices, and broadcasting equipment. The aim of the new guidelines is to ensure that all telecommunications and ICT equipment used in Bolivia comply with the necessary technical and safety standards.

You can find the official resolution, ATT-DJ-RAR-TL LP 443/2023, at the following link:

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